Today we are going to start making our space obstacle course for our project. We are going to use the dashs’ for this course. There are 8 missions that we have to complete. Arial and I are doing “Docking at the I.S.S (International Space Staition). We have to drive from planet to planet and complete missions for each planet including the Earth’s moon and not including Pluto. We can use attachments  for the dash, and we can design a space suit  for the dash. Arial and I have just finished researching facts on all the planets in your solar system. I am using Norman the dash. When you get to the I.S.S., you have to make an attachment to push a button and say a password and the password is asteroids, meteors and more. At home I have a robot too. It’s called a mindstorm.


In our class we earn money đŸ’” For our rewards.We can buy something from the prize box,a milo,wear your pyjamas to school or 20mins for $20 on the computer/I-pad,robots,colouring or drawing.The money we collect is $1 is normally handed out$2 is sometimes handed out$5  is very rare.


Going in your Dad’s Truck

On Saturday mum woke Max, Kyra and myself up early.  We had breakfast and got our  bag’s packed and then we went into the truck and growv off to this place I don’t know and got out of the truck and went and went in this shop and bided lols and then grown home and went home to bed and had dinner.

Space Mission

This is me testing out the set.

This is the video set.

Hi everyone today we are starting our “Space Mission!!” We are all in partners and we each have to design a part of a space obstacle course. Me and my partner have to create a space ship collision so we are crashing a remote controlled car into a robot (see picture below). When we have finished I will post some pictures and videos of the creation stage and the tests as well as the finished movie. I hope you guys are excited here’s a picture of the video set that I set up.


Space mission


Today we are going to do some work on our mission. My partner is Hiraani. Our robot is speedy. Our mission is to take a picture of your Robot and leave it on the moon. There are six other missions. The one I  am really looking forward to the alien invasion we have to go a cross a bridge but there no sides if we fall off we will fall in slime.

The Class Space Mission

The class has accepted a space mission.  In partners we have to create a part of the obstacle course to get to the International Space Station (ISS). My partner and I are doing the Docking at the ISS. The way you have to enter is to press a buzzer and then say the password. We will have to also make our suit for the robot and add assesories to achieve the obstacles and keep the robot safe. The photo is the booklet that we are doing this project in.

Space mission 🚀

This term our theme is Space .
With Miss Marshall we’re doing a mission and we’re in partners .With our parteners we do different missions for every one to complete.  Alex and I are doing a rouge space craft that is trying to crash into the robots. The robots have to dodge it. Also we have our own robot for the mission. We will be making an iMovie on it. Once they are done hopefully we can put the iMovie on the blog.

Our mission

We have been doing a mission about space with the robots. We are starting to do it today and the room that we are doing it is in the music room. My partner is Chloe and we are making space junk. Our robot is Bob, this is a photo of Bob.

The Carnamah Bank

At school in Art we did a piece of art work that was the old bank in Carnamah. For the activity we had to rip up hundreds of little pieces of paper. Alex and I had to rip pages out of a book that belonged to Miss Herbert I still feel really sorry for ripping out pages out of her book even though she gave use permission to rip pages out. Once we finished Miss Herbert put it in the new Art gallery that used to be the old bank in Carnamah. Miss Herbert gave us a page that had a sticker to say that we have done a piece of Art work in the Art gallery . The opening of the art gallery was on Sunday the 30th of April and Neil took Ariel and I to the opening. Once we got there we went and sore all of the Art work the was not much there because it was only the first day of the opening . We went into this little area that had all of the Art that the schools had done number 3 was ours and I saw a man write down number 3 and I was so exited after we sore all of the Art work we went to the post offers and Ariel and I got a frappe and it was really  good . After that we went and did some activity’s and then we and looked at this really old house it was so cool. Then we left and went back to Perenjori.