Di Taylor

On Friday the 23rd of June Di Taylor (an artist) came to school last week. When I walked in to the art room I felt really nervous because I had never met a real artist before. She told us to paint an emotion picture of what we felt at that moment with the paint that was in front of us. When we finished our pictures, we went up to the front and got our photo with our picture. There was this card board frame that Di Taylor held  in front of us. When that was finished we put the pieces of art on the drying rack. David Bowman-Bright (bodyguard/photographer/ also runs the North Midlands project) owns “the bank” in Carnamah. He came in to help too. Then it was time for resess and we all moaned “awww”, but Di Taylor said that we could come back to it after recess. After recess we finished off the task we were doing and Miss Marshall came in for the whole time between the recess to lunch. Then we did the next task. We did a self portrait but in a different way. Di Taylor stopped the class to tell us a quote. She said,”There are no rules when it comes to art.” Then we continued the task we were doing before. When everyone was finished we got into two lines, talls at the back and shorts at the front. We were waiting for David to get back so he could take a photo of us and our finished pieces of art. Di said that it would be funny when David gets back because we were all ready for him. Then it was time for lunch and we all finished just in time. After lunch we did the final task, witch was using charcoal to do all types of ways to feel an emotion that we were feeling at that moment. Di Taylor showed us and explains to us what you can do with the charcoal.

Sport: Tennis

Every Friday after library we have sport with Mrs Morrison and Mrs Haeulser. We always do four stations, one with Mrs Morrison, one against the wall, one we play against each other and one with Mrs Haeulser. Halfway in term two we will swap from tennis to badminton. I really like both sports and I even have my own tennis racket at home. I have played badminton before with my friend Keanu. The badminton rackets are really small. They have a really skinny pole or known as a neck and the top has the racket. If you compared a tennis racket and a badminton you would see there is a big difference.


Today we are going to start making our space obstacle course for our project. We are going to use the dashs’ for this course. There are 8 missions that we have to complete. Arial and I are doing “Docking at the I.S.S (International Space Staition). We have to drive from planet to planet and complete missions for each planet including the Earth’s moon and not including Pluto. We can use attachments  for the dash, and we can design a space suit  for the dash. Arial and I have just finished researching facts on all the planets in your solar system. I am using Norman the dash. When you get to the I.S.S., you have to make an attachment to push a button and say a password and the password is asteroids, meteors and more. At home I have a robot too. It’s called a mindstorm.

Mad Monday🛴

All three class have been to Mad Monday by themselves but on the 27th of March the whole school brought their  scooter’s and had fun for the whole of lunch. When we were thirsty we rode our scooter’s to the water foutain out the front and parked in front of it.  Then we would drive off back to the basket ball court.                                              

The yr3/4/5/6 class having their turn for Mad Monday.


Meet Sylvia

Mrs Morrison and Sylvia serving the pasta for the yr Pre-primary and 3/4/5/6 class.

This is Sylvia from Itally. She was invited to the 1/2 class. The 1/2’s did  everything, they cut the bacon and made the sauce. When they were finished, it was the best thing I have ever tasted, the cheese made it even better. At the end of the day the 1/2’s showed us all the work they did. They talked about the money and how it is called Euros. They told us about the food and we tried to count the numbers 1 to 10 in French, it was hard. They made these A3 posters with a heap of information on they.

Meet Jess

This is Jess from Mauritius. She came to school yesterday for Harmony day and she told us all about Mauritius. Mauritius is off the coast of Africa, near Madagascar. There was an animal that was only found in Mauritius, it was the Dodo. They were made extinct in 1681. There were two battles on Mauritius, one was the at a bay on the bottom of the island. The other battle was at the top of the island, and the armies were the French and British. The first battle was won by the French and the second was won by the British. Since the British won the second battle the French had to leave but Mauritians still speak French.