On Friday it was art and Di Taylor came in with her bodyguard David. Di Taylor is a artist and David runs the Carnamah bank. Our class were painting. For our first painting we had to paint the colours of our emotions. My emotions were happy because I was happy that day. For are second painting we had to paint a portrait of ourselves and there were no rules. For our last painting we did not paint we used charcoal and we drew lines. The lines could be waved lines, horizontal lines or all sorts of lines. At the end of art David gave out our certificates. It was one of the most exciting days in my life!

Space mission

On Wednesday the 23rd we are starting our space mission we are using the clase robots as Astornots .They have to go throu 6 space missons my partner is Lachlan and  our part of the space mission is an astroud belt. We are yusing Lachlans  nerfgun. Lachlan and I have started doing a bit of our introduction and started taking a couple of videos & photos.

End of Term Assembly

On Thursday the 22nd of June is our End of Term Assembly.Different classes are doing an act or song.The Assembly is starting at 2:00pm -3:00pm. Our class is doing a song about the galaxy 🌌. Most people know the song really well. We don’t know what the other classes is doing for the assembly yet but we will find out on Thursday when the assembly is on.


My weekend

On the weekend Lehyia had a sleepover she came on Friday night and stayed the night and we watched MAMA MIA and it was good. When we were watching MAMA MIA lehyia was singing all of the SONGS AND IT WAS SO SO annoying. Then after we watched the movie we had to go to bed. The next morning we made pancakes for breakfast and they were good then mum woke up and told Lehyia and I that we had to go to Morawa to get some food shopping 🛒.


On Monday we watched a video made in the International Space Station orbiting Earth. There was no gravity and the lady in the video was floating around the station and her hair was floating around too 🙂 Did you know the space station orbits the earth at 7.66 kilometres per second 🙀

Papier Mâché planets

With Mrs Canon we are creating our own planets the 5/6s had to write down all the things on our planets such as gravity,atmosphere ,size,where it is and interesting facts.We also named our planets.The  Thursday before last we papier mached our planets and last week the year 5/6 painted theirs.This week the 3/4s are going to paint theirs and then everyone will decorate their planets.

Space mission

Today my class is going to start our space mission. My friend Tyler and I don’t have a robot because my teacher said we can play with the robot in the sand but the wheels are full of sand now. Luckily  Mr Cannon  is going to take the robot home and take it apart and tip all the sand out. Oh sorry did I forget to tell you the robots name because it’s name is Brian. Um where was I ? oh yes I was getting to the part where I am going to tell you about are space booklets. Tyler and I are doing the Astroid belt and The other robots can’t get hit and that is including Brian. We also have to design and make a robot space suite and everyone has their own obstacle  corse that we will put all together to make a bigger one.




No idea?

On the weekend Mum,Hendrix,Milan,Lilah and I went to Geraldton we got there at night time. In the morning we went to the mall while we were there we got smoothies and a caramel slice after we went and hade Hendrix an air test. After we went to the shops then we went to the pet shop and got a hermit crab.