My weekend

On the weekend Lehyia had a sleepover she came on Friday night and stayed the night and we watched MAMA MIA and it was good. When we were watching MAMA MIA lehyia was singing all of the SONGS AND IT WAS SO SO annoying. Then after we watched the movie we had to go to bed. The next morning we made pancakes for breakfast and they were good then mum woke up and told Lehyia and I that we had to go to Morawa to get some food shopping 🛒.

The Carnamah Bank

At school in Art we did a piece of art work that was the old bank in Carnamah. For the activity we had to rip up hundreds of little pieces of paper. Alex and I had to rip pages out of a book that belonged to Miss Herbert I still feel really sorry for ripping out pages out of her book even though she gave use permission to rip pages out. Once we finished Miss Herbert put it in the new Art gallery that used to be the old bank in Carnamah. Miss Herbert gave us a page that had a sticker to say that we have done a piece of Art work in the Art gallery . The opening of the art gallery was on Sunday the 30th of April and Neil took Ariel and I to the opening. Once we got there we went and sore all of the Art work the was not much there because it was only the first day of the opening . We went into this little area that had all of the Art that the schools had done number 3 was ours and I saw a man write down number 3 and I was so exited after we sore all of the Art work we went to the post offers and Ariel and I got a frappe and it was really  good . After that we went and did some activity’s and then we and looked at this really old house it was so cool. Then we left and went back to Perenjori.

The room 1 fitness with Mrs Cannon

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have fitness with Mrs Cannon. On Tuesdays we do running around the oval for 15 minuets and it makes everyone really tired. On Thursday we had Dawn come in to do some exercises and dawn said we have to try and bet our personnel best. For the exercises we do some exercises such as push ups, squats and more. This fitness is for our school carnival to make us more fit.

Little bits yay


On Thursday the 3rd we played with little bits. Georgia and I were partners and we made a double fan.  Our task was to make something we don’t have when the power is off so we made a double fan and it made every one nice and cool. After we made the double fan we made a buzzer and attached string onto it. We then put cups on the string and listened to the cup on our ears and heard the buzzer in the cup. It was cool. Thanks for reading.

Melbourne 🏆🏇💰


It was the Melbourne Cup on November 1st and it was awesome. Everyone dressed up as nice as they could. We had a parade before resses and there was a boy and girl winner in each class. Ariel was the girl winner and Sam was the boy winner for the 3/4/5/6 class . Before the parade we went into groups of three or groups of two and we made fascinators and the girls ones were all different. The boys made a 🎩 instead because boys don’t wear girl stuff. After resses we made pretend horses and we played games with them in our groups. Thank you for reading.😀