Di Taylor

On Friday the 23 of June we had a famous Western Australian artist named Di Taylor come to our school with David Bowman-Bright who owns the bank gallery space in Carnamah. We did three different activities with Di and they were, a crazy picture where we could paint what ever we wanted, we did a self portrait with a twist and we did a charcoal picture. The first activity was an abstract picture and we had to pick a colour that we thought our emotions would look like I was exited so I picked a light blue. Just before we started Di told us that every time we washed our brush we had to get clean water so the dirty water didn’t affect our paint colour. When we were finished we got our picture taken with our art in a cool frame that looked like a Facebook post. Next we got to do a self portrait with a twist. Di told us that we were doing a self portrait first she asked us to put our hand on our face  and then put our hand down on the canvas and make marks at the top, bottom and each side, then we made marks where we thought our eyes, nose and mouth were. After that we got 3 different size brushes and 1 really cool brush that Di uses when she paints her paintings. The last art piece we did we had to use charcoal. Di gave us some tips with charcoal she said that we can smudge it. When we finished our art piece we got a group picture. When we were finished with Di she gave us a notebook to draw in and we got participation certificates from David for our collaborative art piece for the Carnamah art gallery. At the end of the day we were sad to see them go but we had lots of fun.


On Monday we watched a video made in the International Space Station orbiting Earth. There was no gravity and the lady in the video was floating around the station and her hair was floating around too 🙂 Did you know the space station orbits the earth at 7.66 kilometres per second 🙀

Space Mission

This is me testing out the set.

This is the video set.

Hi everyone today we are starting our “Space Mission!!” We are all in partners and we each have to design a part of a space obstacle course. Me and my partner have to create a space ship collision so we are crashing a remote controlled car into a robot (see picture below). When we have finished I will post some pictures and videos of the creation stage and the tests as well as the finished movie. I hope you guys are excited here’s a picture of the video set that I set up.


Book Tasting

On Thursday 27th of April our class had a book tasting. We came to school and looked through the window into our classroom and we saw white table cloths on the tables and little bowls of snacks. We then read the first few pages of the books Mrs Cannon put out for us and then we did a quick review and put our three favourite books on a bookmark.


On Tuesday Lachlan, Tyler and I saw a gwadar behind the undercover area so we had to call Miss Marshall to kill the snake. I had the most important job because I had to hold Miss Marshall’s coffee 😀🐍🇳🇿

Little Bits


Part one of wireless lights


Part two of wireless lights

On Thursday we had no power so we had to make Little Bits creations to help us. Our design brief was to create an invention that would give us something that we didn’t have with no power. I was partners with Jake and we made wireless lights (wireless lights can be seen above). Each part of the lights was on either side of the wall, on one side was the controls and on the other side was the lighting mechanism.

Melbourne Cup


Me taking my prop picture


My group’s photo with our hats and fascinators

Yesterday at school we had a Melbourne Cup day. First the boys made hats and the girls made fascinators. Then we made cardboard horses and raced them in a game. After that we got some props and took some funny photos with them.