On Thursday with Mrs Cannon we where planing some plants for our Bee 🐝 BnB the plants would bee the breakfast part of the BnB. Some people where called out to plant 🌱 something while the rest of finished our Father’s Day gift 🎁or  some of us got a booklet to plan our BnB and the materials we need for the BnB.When I was called out with Tahlia and Hiraani we planted the snow peas, it was fun.When we came back in it was time to stack and pack.


End of Term Assembly

On Thursday the 22nd of June is our End of Term Assembly.Different classes are doing an act or song.The Assembly is starting at 2:00pm -3:00pm. Our class is doing a song about the galaxy 🌌. Most people know the song really well. We don’t know what the other classes is doing for the assembly yet but we will find out on Thursday when the assembly is on.


Papier Mâché planets

With Mrs Canon we are creating our own planets the 5/6s had to write down all the things on our planets such as gravity,atmosphere ,size,where it is and interesting facts.We also named our planets.The  Thursday before last we papier mached our planets and last week the year 5/6 painted theirs.This week the 3/4s are going to paint theirs and then everyone will decorate their planets.


In our class we earn money 💵 For our rewards.We can buy something from the prize box,a milo,wear your pyjamas to school or 20mins for $20 on the computer/I-pad,robots,colouring or drawing.The money we collect is $1 is normally handed out$2 is sometimes handed out$5  is very rare.



In HASS last Monday we watched a video about the international space station.In the video it showed us where they sleep ,eat ,exercise and do there morning routine. They sleep in 4 chambers one on the roof ,one on the floor and 2 on the sides .They eat in a  room with dehydrated food that they need to hydrate but is already hydrated. Astronaut’s  exercise on a bike where they strap in there feet in. They brush there teeth with a tooth brush that they unstrap from the wall. When they need to go to the toilet there is a pipe and a hole, they both have a bit of suction. Astronaut’s go to the space station to fix things.

Mad Monday 🛴🙂

On Monday ,it was  Mad Monday.At lunch we ate our dinner then the whole school, except for some people went on their scooters,rollerblades and rollerskares.Most people went on thier scooters but I was on my rollerblades.



This picture is of the 3-6 class on thier scooters.

Little Bits


Yesterday was Thursday.We were making something out of little bits that would help us because the power went out.We worked in groups to create the circuits.Sam,Banjo and I were a group.We named our invention the Cool Signaler.We called it that because it was cool because of the fan and signal because you signal to each other.

Melbourne cup


On the door of the school there was this photo. It told us when the Melbourne cup was going to happen.


Yesterday was the Melbourne cup.To celebrate it we made fancy hats,wore fancy clothes and made cardboard horses. We where in groups to make these.


This is one group that is wearing there fancy hats.