Friday’s Art Lesson

On Friday the 23rd June, the 3/4/5/6 class had two visitors which were Di Taylor and David. They had come from the North Midland project. Di Taylor is an artist that came to get us to do some activities with art. We did three activities which were a free painting, a self portrait and some charcoal drawings. They were all very fun art activities. She also gave us a few tips on how to get a good picture of your face to do a self portrait, also the colours of different things and emotions, on how they relate in art. David was the photographer and is the owner of the new art gallery in Carnamah. He was also the helper. At the end of the lessons we all given a certificate from another project that we all participated in. Then before we left we were given a booklet to draw or paint anything  we would like as it was an art diary, which it was.

The Art Gallery In Perenjori

The art gallery in Perenjori is called CAT (Christina, Ariel & Tahlia). We are usually there around the weekend so if you want to pop in and drop off some of your own pieces of art you can and we will display it for you or you can just join us. If you decide to join us please bring your own art equipment. We will be doing fun things for others to do if you can’t join us you can do it at home. If you can’t find us we are in the little room area at the end of the pub an have lots of pictures at the front.

The Class Space Mission

The class has accepted a space mission.  In partners we have to create a part of the obstacle course to get to the International Space Station (ISS). My partner and I are doing the Docking at the ISS. The way you have to enter is to press a buzzer and then say the password. We will have to also make our suit for the robot and add assesories to achieve the obstacles and keep the robot safe. The photo is the booklet that we are doing this project in.

The Make Your Own Book Competition

Lately the 3/4/5/6 class has entered a competition called “Make Your Own Book Competition”. Some of the class has entered in partners and some have gone alone. Some of the rules were that we were only able to go by yourself or in a partner but if more you can’t enter. you can only draw or take photos for illustrations. You have to type or hand write the text. The main rule is that you can’t have the book bounded commercially so you have to hand bounded. Mrs Cannon has also said we have to write any story as long as it is about our term theme which is “In A Galaxy Far, Far Away” so anything related to space. we have entered to do picture stories otherwise we will have to write thousands of words so it word would be easier and have to put in small amount of words and a lot of pictures but on a small amount out pages.    

The video from space

Last Monday in HASS the 3/4/5/6 class watched a video that some people where showing all around the International Space Station. We only got to watch some of the video and had to take some notes. The lady in the video showed us how they went to the toilet, how they ate, how they exercised, how they slept and the different rooms for different people. The different rooms had lots of experiments all over the walls. The class were enjoying the video, too bad we couldn’t finish it but next time we will so we can tell you more information next blog. A couple of students wanted to go to space because it looked like plenty of fun.

All About Mauritius

Hi my name is Ariel and yesterday was Harmony Day and I am going to tell you some facts about Mauritius. Did you know that Mauritus was the only place to find the Dodo bird but sadly they are now extinct😥. This picture below is the flag from Mauritius and each of the colours mean something important  to Mauritius. The red is all of the flame trees. The blue is the ocean.Yellow is the sun shine. Green is the sugar cane. I hope that you found these facts interesting.Stay tuned to see other topics on the blog.

Ariel’s Scholarship

Hi this is Ariel here and did u know I went to Perth on Friday. On Saturday I went to Perth College to do some tests to win a scholarship. That day on our break I met a new friend named Ruby. After going to Perth College I went to Aqwa and the sting rays there are gigantic!!!!!!! That weekend was amazing. By the way I did more than one fun activity not just going to Aqwa.