Another visit from Ash as we finish our CSI kits :)

Yesterday Ash returned to our class to see our finished CSI kits that we have created in Design Technologies. He was extremely impressed with the items we had made and included in our kits. We showed them to the class and Ash and described how we had made the items and why we chose to include those specific items. Ash and our classmates then wrote comments into our project booklets about what they liked about our kits.

We can’t wait to show them to our parents after the assembly on Thursday 🙂 Here’s a sneak peak…


Aimee showing the class and Ash her kit.


Tyler trying out his handcuffs on Ash!


Chloe finishing off some items for her kit.


Ariel, Justice, Chloe & Orlanda making fingerprint dust and spray painting their boxes.


On Tuesday Lachlan, Tyler and I saw a gwadar behind the undercover area so we had to call Miss Marshall to kill the snake. I had the most important job because I had to hold Miss Marshall’s coffee 😀🐍🇳🇿

Meet Jess

This is Jess from Mauritius. She came to school yesterday for Harmony day and she told us all about Mauritius. Mauritius is off the coast of Africa, near Madagascar. There was an animal that was only found in Mauritius, it was the Dodo. They were made extinct in 1681. There were two battles on Mauritius, one was the at a bay on the bottom of the island. The other battle was at the top of the island, and the armies were the French and British. The first battle was won by the French and the second was won by the British. Since the British won the second battle the French had to leave but Mauritians still speak French.



Our blog

I have learnt how to blog!! I have bombarded you all with 8 weeks worth of photos that I have been meaning to put up…Miss Marshall gave me a quick intro this week as I have been well and truly left behind by our clever blogging students and felt I needed to come on board!

From now on I will try to blog every week or two to keep you all up-to-date with the happenings in our classroom, and to also get the students to share about our experiences. Harmony Day anyone??!!

Mrs Cannon 🙂

P.S. I need someone to show me how to get the emojis please!!

A Visit from Constable Netterfield & Sergeant Moulden

Last Thursday we had Constable Netterfield (Ash) & Sergeant Moulden (Randall) visit our class to show us their Forensic Science kit and to answer our questions regarding this kit and it’s use. This term with Mrs Cannon we are completing a project titled ‘Catch the Crook’ as part of our Technologies unit of work. Students have to design a Crime Scene Investigation kit, a box/suitcase or bag and six items inside it that can be used for collecting evidence at a crime scene. Ash & Randall showed us how to collect fingerprints and DNA evidence and explained to us how this evidence is analysed and used to catch criminals. We are still making our kits and have invited them back to view them upon completion and provide us with feedback as to how useful they would be. Randall also said they hope to fingerprint us when they return…here’s hoping we’re not recognised on their database!!


The real kit that we are replicating.


Ash collecting the fingerprints off our gemstone jar (which had been raided!!)


Ariel, Lehyia, Tahlia & Chloe examining the evidence for fingerprints.


Collecting a swab of a drop of blood found at the scene.


Thanks for the visit!



A couple of pics of some of our Year 3’s fraction work during our ‘Hands On’ station for Maths Groups.


Sarai & Orlanda’s posters on halves and quarters.


Koby, Chloe & Hiraani’s Fraction Walls to help them learn equivalent fractions.

New Furniture

Mrs Cannon enjoyed a trip to KMart & IKEA and came back with some new items for our classroom…they were hot property for the first week or so they were introduced!


The stools for our Guided Reading table are getting the thumbs up from Alex, Keanu & Koby.


Lehyia, Chloe & Ariel hanging out on the couch.


Justice & Orlanda checking out the new floor cushions for the Listening Centre.