Gardening with Mrs

Yesterday The Year 3-6 Class Planted Carrots, Tomatoes, Peas, Spinich And Lettice. And We Also Were Planing A Bee B&B Hotel For The Bees. (Bed And Breakfast)  And Mrs.Cannon Got Her Finger Stuck In The Tap While Trying To Dattatch The Hose. (She Has A Big Blister) And We Also Did Our Fathers Day Presents.


On Thursday with Mrs Cannon we where planing some plants for our Bee 🐝 BnB the plants would bee the breakfast part of the BnB. Some people where called out to plant 🌱 something while the rest of finished our Father’s Day gift 🎁or  some of us got a booklet to plan our BnB and the materials we need for the BnB.When I was called out with Tahlia and Hiraani we planted the snow peas, it was fun.When we came back in it was time to stack and pack.


Friday Emotions

On Friday the twenty third of June Di Taylor did art with us. We did art that could expresse our feelings with  partings that we could do what ever we wanted. We did it because we could tell others what we were feeling. After the panting we did self portraits and  Di showed us that if you put your hand to your face it is almost the same size. After that we added detail and colour. The last thing was charcoal we where finding ways to draw emotions.



Last Friday the 23rd   we had an artist come to our school her name was Di Taylor.  First we painted what emotions we felt like when we got out of bed and what colour it might be. We had half an hour to do our painting then we had a photo taken of our painting . David was going round cleaning the paint brushes. After recess we painted a portrait of our faces we mixed different coloured paint if the colour wasn’t there or if we wanted to make our own colour .  After lunch we used charcoal to draw our own picture. After we had to go wash our hands so it didn’t wreck the charcoal picture.  We had a photo with our charcoal picture.





Di Taylor

On Friday the 23rd of June we had Di Taylor . After recess we went to the art room to see Di . When we got in the art room we sat in our seats and picked a colour for the background then we painted what ever we wanted . Once we did that we got a photo taken. A little bit later Di told us how to measure our face with our hands then we drawn the rest of us and then painted our portrait of us.

Friday workshop

On Friday the 23rd of June Di Taylor and David Bowman – Bright came to our School, they are a part of the North Midlands project. The first piece of art was about our emotions. My emotions were nervous and excited. I felt nervous because when we were doing Music I was chosen to talk about our favourite song. The second piece of art was about lines with charcoal. The final piece of art was our self portrait. Di showed us how to draw our face differently. At the end of the workshop Di Taylor asked us if we had any questions. I asked why did you pick to be an artist instead of any thing else? Di said I wasn’t good at any thing else like Maths, Spelling and Literacy so she became an artist instead of any of the other things. At the end of art I felt happy about what I had done.

Di Taylor

On Friday the 23 of June we had a famous Western Australian artist named Di Taylor come to our school with David Bowman-Bright who owns the bank gallery space in Carnamah. We did three different activities with Di and they were, a crazy picture where we could paint what ever we wanted, we did a self portrait with a twist and we did a charcoal picture. The first activity was an abstract picture and we had to pick a colour that we thought our emotions would look like I was exited so I picked a light blue. Just before we started Di told us that every time we washed our brush we had to get clean water so the dirty water didn’t affect our paint colour. When we were finished we got our picture taken with our art in a cool frame that looked like a Facebook post. Next we got to do a self portrait with a twist. Di told us that we were doing a self portrait first she asked us to put our hand on our face  and then put our hand down on the canvas and make marks at the top, bottom and each side, then we made marks where we thought our eyes, nose and mouth were. After that we got 3 different size brushes and 1 really cool brush that Di uses when she paints her paintings. The last art piece we did we had to use charcoal. Di gave us some tips with charcoal she said that we can smudge it. When we finished our art piece we got a group picture. When we were finished with Di she gave us a notebook to draw in and we got participation certificates from David for our collaborative art piece for the Carnamah art gallery. At the end of the day we were sad to see them go but we had lots of fun.

Di Taylor

On Friday the 23rd of June Di Taylor (an artist) came to school last week. When I walked in to the art room I felt really nervous because I had never met a real artist before. She told us to paint an emotion picture of what we felt at that moment with the paint that was in front of us. When we finished our pictures, we went up to the front and got our photo with our picture. There was this card board frame that Di Taylor held  in front of us. When that was finished we put the pieces of art on the drying rack. David Bowman-Bright (bodyguard/photographer/ also runs the North Midlands project) owns “the bank” in Carnamah. He came in to help too. Then it was time for resess and we all moaned “awww”, but Di Taylor said that we could come back to it after recess. After recess we finished off the task we were doing and Miss Marshall came in for the whole time between the recess to lunch. Then we did the next task. We did a self portrait but in a different way. Di Taylor stopped the class to tell us a quote. She said,”There are no rules when it comes to art.” Then we continued the task we were doing before. When everyone was finished we got into two lines, talls at the back and shorts at the front. We were waiting for David to get back so he could take a photo of us and our finished pieces of art. Di said that it would be funny when David gets back because we were all ready for him. Then it was time for lunch and we all finished just in time. After lunch we did the final task, witch was using charcoal to do all types of ways to feel an emotion that we were feeling at that moment. Di Taylor showed us and explains to us what you can do with the charcoal.

Friday’s Art Lesson

On Friday the 23rd June, the 3/4/5/6 class had two visitors which were Di Taylor and David. They had come from the North Midland project. Di Taylor is an artist that came to get us to do some activities with art. We did three activities which were a free painting, a self portrait and some charcoal drawings. They were all very fun art activities. She also gave us a few tips on how to get a good picture of your face to do a self portrait, also the colours of different things and emotions, on how they relate in art. David was the photographer and is the owner of the new art gallery in Carnamah. He was also the helper. At the end of the lessons we all given a certificate from another project that we all participated in. Then before we left we were given a booklet to draw or paint anything  we would like as it was an art diary, which it was.