Last Friday the 23rd   we had an artist come to our school her name was Di Taylor.  First we painted what emotions we felt like when we got out of bed and what colour it might be. We had half an hour to do our painting then we had a photo taken of our painting . David was going round cleaning the paint brushes. After recess we painted a portrait of our faces we mixed different coloured paint if the colour wasn’t there or if we wanted to make our own colour .  After lunch we used charcoal to draw our own picture. After we had to go wash our hands so it didn’t wreck the charcoal picture.  We had a photo with our charcoal picture.





Space mission

On Wednesday the 23rd we are starting our space mission we are using the clase robots as Astornots .They have to go throu 6 space missons my partner is Lachlan and  our part of the space mission is an astroud belt. We are yusing Lachlans  nerfgun. Lachlan and I have started doing a bit of our introduction and started taking a couple of videos & photos.

This mornings trip to school

On the way to school we went to Jackson’s and picked him up. Gadget noticed that the bus had a flat tyre when we drove off. Mrs Mason got a phone call from Lil to tell her that we had a flat tyre.  When we got to the end of Jackson’s driveway she hopped out and looked at the tyres.  She was not happy.   We had to hop out of the bus so Gadget could fix the bus.