Little bits


On Wednesday the 3rd of November our class had to make something that would be useful when the power was out, which it was. We were put into groups, Aimee, Banjo and I were in a group. We created a signalling and cooling device as shown above. One of the sliders (the pink things) can control the fan (the right one) and the other controls the lights(the left one).  There’s also a button attached to a buzzer that makes a lot of noise.

Melbourne Cup 🏆


On Tuesday the 1st of November the whole school celebrated the Melbourne Cup by doing some fun and exciting activities that the teachers had planned. First we had to make some hats  using paper cups and cardboard. Next we had a parade showing off our outfits and hats we had created. Next we made some horses using a wooden stick and some brown paper. Then we got to race them using some dice and a grid. At 12 o clock we tried to watch the Melbourne Cup but the internet wasn’t working. And  that was the end of our exciting day.