On Friday it was art and Di Taylor came in with her bodyguard David. Di Taylor is a artist and David runs the Carnamah bank. Our class were painting. For our first painting we had to paint the colours of our emotions. My emotions were happy because I was happy that day. For are second painting we had to paint a portrait of ourselves and there were no rules. For our last painting we did not paint we used charcoal and we drew lines. The lines could be waved lines, horizontal lines or all sorts of lines. At the end of art David gave out our certificates. It was one of the most exciting days in my life!

Space mission

Today my class is going to start our space mission. My friend Tyler and I don’t have a robot because my teacher said we can play with the robot in the sand but the wheels are full of sand now. Luckily  Mr Cannon  is going to take the robot home and take it apart and tip all the sand out. Oh sorry did I forget to tell you the robots name because it’s name is Brian. Um where was I ? oh yes I was getting to the part where I am going to tell you about are space booklets. Tyler and I are doing the Astroid belt and The other robots can’t get hit and that is including Brian. We also have to design and make a robot space suite and everyone has their own obstacle  corse that we will put all together to make a bigger one.