Friday’s Art Lesson

On Friday the 23rd June, the 3/4/5/6 class had two visitors which were Di Taylor and David. They had come from the North Midland project. Di Taylor is an artist that came to get us to do some activities with art. We did three activities which were a free painting, a self portrait and some charcoal drawings. They were all very fun art activities. She also gave us a few tips on how to get a good picture of your face to do a self portrait, also the colours of different things and emotions, on how they relate in art. David was the photographer and is the owner of the new art gallery in Carnamah. He was also the helper. At the end of the lessons we all given a certificate from another project that we all participated in. Then before we left we were given a booklet to draw or paint anything  we would like as it was an art diary, which it was.

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