Di Taylor

On Friday the 23rd of June Di Taylor (an artist) came to school last week. When I walked in to the art room I felt really nervous because I had never met a real artist before. She told us to paint an emotion picture of what we felt at that moment with the paint that was in front of us. When we finished our pictures, we went up to the front and got our photo with our picture. There was this card board frame that Di Taylor held  in front of us. When that was finished we put the pieces of art on the drying rack. David Bowman-Bright (bodyguard/photographer/ also runs the North Midlands project) owns “the bank” in Carnamah. He came in to help too. Then it was time for resess and we all moaned “awww”, but Di Taylor said that we could come back to it after recess. After recess we finished off the task we were doing and Miss Marshall came in for the whole time between the recess to lunch. Then we did the next task. We did a self portrait but in a different way. Di Taylor stopped the class to tell us a quote. She said,”There are no rules when it comes to art.” Then we continued the task we were doing before. When everyone was finished we got into two lines, talls at the back and shorts at the front. We were waiting for David to get back so he could take a photo of us and our finished pieces of art. Di said that it would be funny when David gets back because we were all ready for him. Then it was time for lunch and we all finished just in time. After lunch we did the final task, witch was using charcoal to do all types of ways to feel an emotion that we were feeling at that moment. Di Taylor showed us and explains to us what you can do with the charcoal.

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