The Carnamah bank

On Sunday the 30 of April my Nan and I went to the Carnamah bank. When I was there I saw Tahlia, Ariel and Neil. I saw Miss Herbert and she gave us an activity to do. I had a bag and a butterfly activity. There were three girls that go to the school in Three Springs. In Carnamah there was a big hail storm. 

The weather

The weather is getting colder well I not used to this weather. It is getting confusing because I live half an hour out of town and sometimes it is very cold at home but here it might be hot here. It is my first winter in Perenjori and it is freezing but I just heard news it is getting colder.  How I’m going to sleep it was so cold last night?

The Art Gallery In Perenjori

The art gallery in Perenjori is called CAT (Christina, Ariel & Tahlia). We are usually there around the weekend so if you want to pop in and drop off some of your own pieces of art you can and we will display it for you or you can just join us. If you decide to join us please bring your own art equipment. We will be doing fun things for others to do if you can’t join us you can do it at home. If you can’t find us we are in the little room area at the end of the pub an have lots of pictures at the front.

Sport: Tennis

Every Friday after library we have sport with Mrs Morrison and Mrs Haeulser. We always do four stations, one with Mrs Morrison, one against the wall, one we play against each other and one with Mrs Haeulser. Halfway in term two we will swap from tennis to badminton. I really like both sports and I even have my own tennis racket at home. I have played badminton before with my friend Keanu. The badminton rackets are really small. They have a really skinny pole or known as a neck and the top has the racket. If you compared a tennis racket and a badminton you would see there is a big difference.